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The folks at Warrant Publishing have recently announced the upcoming issue (#12) of THE CREEPS, due at stores on November 22 according to the PREVIEWS September catalog listing.

Those that pre-order now will received a poster of the cover, another stunner by the brush of Frank Frazetta. Click HERE to order.

Ad copy from PREVIEWS WORLD:
(W) Don Glut, Nicola Cuti, Artie Godwin, Lou Mougin (A) Nik Poliwko, Reno Maniquis, Mike Dubisch, Jeff Easley, Carlos Valenzuela (CA) Frank Frazetta
The Creeps #12 accurately recreates the iconic Warren horror comic magazines popular in the 1970's by emulating Warren's early page layouts and by publishing new work created in the classic style by original Warren artists, writers and editors. Each issue of The Creeps is a highly collectible instant classic! 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


We Yanks aren't the only ones that produce monster fan 'zines. The French have their fair share with a number of active titles that show their love for the genre. The "summary" of contents for MEDUSA fanzine below may seem a little weird because I used Google Translator on the page.

You can learn all about these 'zines and other French film fare at the LE ZOMBLARD FROM OUTER SPACE blog.

Editorial, inevitably a fanzine without its editorial, it would be a little like the yin without the yang.

The BIS BAZAR, the gazette of the zine in the form of storeroom where accumulate the happy memories, the edifying photos, the short notes of reading ...

BOOKSHOP, cross-talk with Dave JAY, William S. WILSON & Torsten DEWI about their book on Full Moon and, ultimately, about our favorite Charles! And a chronicle of Farrel by Christophe BIER and Dominique FORMA SETTE NOTTE IN NERO: interviews with Frank STROBEL & Carl DAVIS about their cine-concert.

DOSSIER SLASHERS: Murders of the 80s but murders until the end of the breasts. Jason, Michael and their companions stab, ziggle, enucleate, hack, cut according to dotted lines, hashing menu and chop!

Monster Dossier (56 pages!) COULROPHOBIE: Who is afraid of the great evil clown? The clowns, funny sometimes, scary often and pathetic but almost of the Seventh Art: Filmo, chronicles and interview with Massimiliano CERCHI for Insane.

Dossier AMICUS, because there is not only the Hammer in the Great Britons!

Interview with John HOUGH and selected pieces from his eclectic career.

Interview with Paul HOUGH, a son in the footsteps of his daddy!

BISMANIA, seminal heading of Medusa Fanzine, chronic Bis rarities from Latin lands (Italy, Spain, France): Terror on the lagoon / Catacomba / Missione Finale / A Ritmo de Jess / 2047: sights of Death / The Fauves / cop / The Boss / Una donna dietro la porta / The peccatrice / Perversion games / Mania / Tulpa / La faccia violenta of New York / Moglie nuda e siciliana 'Agosto / Caramelle da uno sconosciuto / Murderous desires / Urban warriors / Pena de muerte / The Monster of the Castle / Il prato machiato di rosso / The masters Belles foufounes and juice de roupettes: All naked for Uncle Vernon who, unlike Uncle Ben's, always sticks!

Interview with Stephen SAYADIAN, an image poet who has magnified sex on screen with unmatched boldness.

Dossier Revolution Nippon: monsters and transgressions in the land of the rising sun.

Orient-Extrême: Trilogy  Guts of Virgin

Fish and Taloches, Ten odes to the fight. From Kung Fu, Moon LEE, Godfrey HO and even Cliff LOK!

KINO REPORT, the Bis from beyond the Rhine: Dudu, the Teutonic choupette, the pentalogy of Super Bug chronicled!

Dossier Romania, the Romanian Bis first part, movies in suits, peplum, capes and swords and westerns!

SirtaBis: Gisela DALI, the Greek Bardot and some Hellenic chronicles in bonus: Story of a nymphomaniac, Naked in the snow, Medousa, Sexomania, The wretches are still singing
Dr. Noz, we find sacred pearls in the boxes of sale: Big babes, zombie dances, Nazi vampires, polar Bolognese sauce, SF to Papa, incunable Magyar and even images of my Gaspésie adored.

New Talents: Interviews with Natalie PLASKURA, a German filmmaker with a singular and pictorial universe and Laurent TISSIER, still fascinated by the Ultra Gore + of the chronicles of Cruelle is the night (Alan DEPREZ) / Demon (Xavier OURNAC) Sylvain MALIN) / Chimères (Olivier BEGUIN).

250 pages (!)
In color

Here's a sample of more French horror 'zines, including one entitled, BLACK LAGOON FANZINE, which is sold out from the publisher.

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Man, that's what I call a MONSTER burger!

Both pics are of the best fast food burgers on the West Coast, In-n-Out!


Dispatches from around the globe featuring the bizarre, the strange and the unusual.

While surveying the damage from Hurricane Harvey, a Texas woman stumbled upon the remains of a nightmarish sea creature that had washed ashore during the storm.

Preeti Desai spotted the oddity on a beach in Texas City last week and managed to snap some pictures of the animal which boasts a monstrous-looking mouth.

A social media manager for the National Audubon Society, Desai posted the pictures to Twitter in the hopes that someone could identify the weird beast.

Fortunately the photos provided some clues for experts to narrow down the nature of the animal with the prevailing opinion being that it was probably a tusky eel.

Source: Daily Mail

A painting from the 1930's is raising eyebrows because it seems to show a Native American gazing at a cell phone.

The piece, entitled 'Mr. Pynchon and the Settling of Springfield', depicts a meeting between English settlers and Native Americans in Massachusetts during the 17th century.

Amidst the rather chaotic scene showcased in the painting is one moment which looks eerily familiar to modern observers: a Native American sitting in a canoe looking intently at a small black rectangle held in his hands.

Of course, since it would be another seven decades before the first cell phone was invented, the uncanny appearance of such a device in the painting has led to speculation surrounding time travel.

However, art historians have offered their own suggestions for what the enigmatic object might be, including a mirror, a Bible, and an iron blade.

While the possibility that it is, indeed, a cell phone is rather fantastic, such a scenario would require a rather complex explanation worthy of a time travel film.

Since the image is a painting rather than a photograph, artist Umberto Romano would have to have known that Native American possessed cell phone technology and then hidden this information in the artwork.

Were that the case, it would mean that this secret knowledge was passed down centuries after America was settled, somehow been revealed to Romano, and yet still remain a secret today.

As such, it's likely that the prosaic explanations presented by academics is the likely solution to what the mysterious 'device' could be.

Source: Daily Mail

A truly bizarre-looking creature found squirming around on some rocks in Taiwan left onlookers scratching their heads.

Witness Huang Meilan managed to capture footage of the oddity that initially looks like a mass of seaweed, but then reveals its animal nature when the creature begins moving.

In the video, those watching the insect-like 'monster' are clearly baffled by what it might be and, one would assume, a little unsettled by its rather creepy appearance.

As to what it might have been, the prevalent theory is that it was not one, but a group of creatures in the form of several 'horsehair worms' that somehow wound up stuck together.

Alternative possibilities proposed include a mutant stick insect and the always-popular stranded alien on Earth.

Should the latter explanation prove to be true, then we probably don't have much to worry about when it comes to an ET invasion since the creature looked to be pretty easy to defeat.

Source: Daily Mail

The puzzling metal 'starfish' found embedded in the sand at a Rhode Island beach has been unearthed, but its removal has done little to solve the mystery surrounding it.

Discovered a few weeks ago during low tide in the town of Westerly, the strange object stuck in the seabed has been somewhat of a summer sensation in the community.

Theories about the object have ranged from the prosaic, such as a disused piece of scientific equipment, to the exotic, including the always-popular alien connection.

It was thought that an excavation of the anomaly on Thursday morning might finally yield a solution to the mystery, however the endeavor seems to have only spawned more uncertainty.

In a testament to how vexing the case has become, nearly 100 people gathered at the beach to watch the 45-minute long removal of the object.

Unfortunately, rather than come out all in one piece, the 'starfish' fell apart, leaving workers to recover a number of metal fragments from the object which provided precious little in the way of clues to what they had once formed.

Despite attempts to put the pieces together on the beach in order to recreate the object, the impromptu puzzle still did not clear up the confusion.

Nonetheless, now that the object, albeit in pieces, is being seen in the proverbial light of day, officials hope that someone will look at the coverage of its removal, recognize something, and offer an explanation for what it was.

Meanwhile, the debris has now been shuttled off to an 'undisclosed location,' which conjures thoughts of an ET cover-up, but probably really only means the basement of the Westerly police station.

Source: Westerly Sun


CHARLES SAMUEL ADDAMS (American, 1912-1988)
The Beam of the Lighthouse, The New Yorker cover, June 23, 1973
Watercolor, ink, and pencil on board
21 x 15 in.

[SOURCE: Heritage Auctions]

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